Multi Stage Gyratory Sifter


Painted steel heavy structure chassis

Stainless steel feeding hopper with magnetic trap

Stainless steel six sieving boxes offering 3 different powder size

Different mesh sizes

Ertalon cubes between the mesh and the sieve box to clean the mesh

A Magnetic trap on the sifter outputs

Safety guard surrounding the sifter

Circular Sifters


Stainless steel 3D sifter with a diameter of 600 to 1000 mm

The sifter is powered by a special motor vibrating in a 3D movement for the best powder sieving effect

The motor is linked to an electrical contactor for motor protection

The sifter is equipped with 1 to 3 sieving stages offering 2 to 4 different powder sizes outputs

Each output is equipped with a special hopper to facilitate the powder collection

Each stage is easily removed for cleaning purposes (cleaning feature)

The sieve mesh is made from stainless steel and fixed with a special locking ring for easy replacement
The mesh holes diameters are chosen and confirmed by the client