About Us 


MORCOS's primary market presence started back in 1970 with the agency of the premier Austrian company Franz HAAS Waffle - und Keksanlagen and the manufacturing license for certain capacity wafer production lines in Egypt, Sudan and other territories in 1989. HAAS is a globally renowned manufacturer of production lines for bakery, confectionery and dairy products for a wide range of end products such as wafer, waffles, biscuits and cakes.

In 1989, MORCOS established its first manufacturing facility in the 10th of Ramadan City. In 1999, MORCOS bought Blum+CO a German company specialized in the production of chocolate enrobing production lines that process all fluid chocolate and cocoa masses involved in the coating of candies, biscuits and cakes in addition to cooling tunnels.

In 2005, MORCOS founded its large state of the art production plant also located in the 10th of Ramadan City. Currently, MORCOS manufactures comprehensive chocolate and caramel enrobing production lines, automated transfer systems, powder processing systems in addition to tanks, pumps, accessories and metal detection systems as well as certain capacity wafer production lines under license from HAAS.  

Today, MORCOS is renowned as being an expert in the manufacturing of production lines and equipment supporting the confectionery and bakery manufacturing industry. MORCOS is recognized with its huge production plant exporting to over 70 countries worldwide, more than 200 specialized employees and hundreds of local as well as International clients.


MORCOS’s vision is to become one of the top manufacturers of confectionery and bakery production lines and equipment worldwide.

MORCOS’s mission is to manufacture and provide local and international clients with the best quality confectionery and bakery production lines and equipment with affordable prices as well as flawless after sales service.


Premium Quality Standards

MORCOS's products are of premium quality and totally adhere to the international manufacturing standards of high quality.

High Value for Money

At MORCOS, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products with reasonable pricing best satisfy our clients.

Lasting Partnership

MORCOS seeks lasting client relations as we see ourselves as our clients' partner and not merely their short term supplier.

After Sale  Dependability

At MORCOS, our clients can totally depend upon us for any needed after sales technical assistance and/or maintenance.


For our clients' full convenience, Morcos provides all technical and technological services including product installation, system start-ups, the complete operation know how as well as the final product testing. We also provide customized machines and machine parts according to clients' individual needs. Morcos's production plant also has a perfectly equipped and managed maintenance and technical support division responsible for after sales services. These include the provision and installation of machine spare parts, preventive maintenance and on-site repairs. Morcos also provides pre-sales machine related consultancy as well as continuous after sales support including sending qualified engineers and technicians to the client's premise for any needed technical or technological support.