Technical Specifications

  • Motor speed: 1500 rpm assisted wilh a gearbox

  • Bowl capacity: 250 - 2000 liters

  • Motor Power: 3 kw - 4 kw

  • Electric connection:3 ph 380V 50Hz (other voltages on request)

  • Production capacity: One batch (250 - 2000 liters) of powder depending on degree of mixing

Product Specifications

  • Fully stainless steel chassis 304L (or 316L upon request)

  • Recipient of 3-5 mm thick stainless steel, sides of 5-12 mm thick stainless steel

  • Powerful spiral of 5-8 mm thick stainless steel with two levels spirals, one internal anticlockwise spiral and one external clockwise spiral

  • 3 kw power drive motor and an external gearbox

  • A microswitch to avoid working with an open hatch for safety reasons

  • A complete sealing for the cover and gates to handle very fine powders

Options to be added on request

  • Mobil bin can be add on request with the mixer to easy handle the mixed powder