Technical Specifications

Rotor speed: 7500 rpm

Grinding chamber diameter: 220 mm

Motor Power: 5.5 kw

Electric connections: 3 ph 380 V 50Hz

Production capacity: 300 to 500 kg/hr depending on the required micron of the milled sugar

Product Specifications

Machine is equipped with a hopper feeding the granulated sugar to the grinding chamber through an adjustable orifice

The grinding chamber is composed of two grinding elements:
A turbo rotor element totally free of friction
A stationary element which is a ring sieve plates with perforation size 0.5 mm (could be amended on request)

A self air cooling stream is insured by an intensive air flow through the grinding chamber

The cooling air is filtered through a cloth bag collecting the very fine sugar imported by the air stream

The mill is mounted on a steel table allowing a free space underneath to attach a plastic bag to collect the milled sugar

The mill is equipped with separate electric control box with light lids, timers and all necessary equipment for soft starting

Optionally: A feeding system can be added to feed automatically the sugar to the machine hopper from a hopper placed on ground to facilitate discharging of sugar bags and ensure a regular feeding flow rate of 300 kg/hr for very fine sugar.