A cylindrical heavy construction composed of double jacketed multi-sections (tempering Plates)

Capacity 200 – 2000 kg/hr

The chocolate arrives to the machine from underneath forced by a built in chocolate pump fed from the buffer tank through pipes. The chocolate is then cooled down gradually through the different sections

The chocolate is finally slightly re-heated through the last 2 sections & then leaves the tempering machine totally tempered

The transfer of the chocolate from underneath towards the top is assisted by the motion of hollow spirals scraping the chocolate from sides, bottom & top ensuring a continuous mixing during all the procedure. This spiral is driven by the main drive of the tempering unit

The way of scraping ensures the maximum shear of the cacao butter crystals which gives an ideal result of tempering

A touch screen with a tempering program to control the system

Options to be added on request

A double jacketed Stainless steel De-Crystallizer on the chocolate return to the tank

A separate water boiler to heat pipes and De-Crystallizer