Technical Specifications

Rotor speed (2 speeds): 1500 rpm & 3000 rpm

Bowl capacity: 40 liters & 60 liters

Motor Power: 40 l:6 kw on 1500 rpm and 7.5 kw on 3000 rpm.
60 l:9 kw on 1500 rpm and 11.25 kw on 3000 rpm

Electrical connection: 3 ph 380V 50Hz (Other voltages on request)

Production capacity: One batch (40 or 60 liters) each 3 mi

Product Specifications

Machine is equipped with a set of 3 powerful knives in 3 different levels

Easy removal and positioning of these knive

Two speeds available, the first speed 1500 rpm for milling only, the second speed 3000 rpm for refining

The bowl is tilting for easy discharge on horizontal position

Secured cover and working position with 2 microswitches, (the mill does not work unless the cover is closed and the bowl is in vertical position)