Mixer/Grinder type DO 500


-One combined Mixer/Grinder type DO 500

-Main drive 22 kW

-Stainless steel 304 Mixing / grinding tank

-Net volume 500lt

-Circulation pump 1,5kw / frequency inverter

-Jacketed stainless steel piping

-Control panel

-Total weight 2.100kg

-Power supply 400 Volt, 3 phase, 50 cycles

DO 500

The DO 500 produces batches of approximately 500 kg each and the time to obtain an end fineness of 25 microns will be some 2.5 -3 hours

Production process

The mixing/grinding tank of the DO 500 is especially designed to perform two basic functions, mixing of the ingredients and refining the mass down to the required fineness. These two functions take place simultaneously during production of the batch. The machine is supplied with a circulation system, consisting of a circulation pipe, 3-way valve and a double jacketed pump, which is circulating the mass from the bottom of the grinding tank to the top of the mixing section.

The temperature of the mass is monitored by PT 100 and temperature controller in control panel.

At the end of the process the product is discharged by changing the 3-way valve to discharge position.